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Manufacturing accurate sensors, efficient heaters and precise machined components and assemblies

a machine on the counter
a machine on the counter
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light bulb turned on

About Us

At Ashok Enterprise, we believe in the power of innovation and precision. For more than 35 years, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing cutting-edge sensors, heaters, and tools that drive efficiency, reliability, and performance across diverse industries. Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, we bring decades of experience and a commitment to excellence to every product we create.

Our Products

Our sensors are designed to capture the subtlest nuances, ensuring that you receive data with unmatched accuracy. From temperature and pressure to motion and beyond, our sensors redefine precision in every measurement.


Our heaters are engineered to deliver efficient and rapid heating, ensuring that your systems reach the desired temperature in no time. The heaters are designed with energy-efficient technologies, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing cost savings.

silver and gold round accessory
silver and gold round accessory

Built to withstand the toughest challenges, our tools are synonymous with durability. Robust materials and meticulous construction ensure that every tool in our lineup stands the test of time, even in the most demanding environments.


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